Our Clients

Senior citizens are the hunted. It may sound a bit depressing…but it’s true. The modern American retiree is the wealthiest group of individuals on the planet. While the US bears a multi-trillion dollar debt, the IRA dollars held by those ages 65 and up is staggering, and makes you the preferential target of a very talented group of hunters. Financial advisors, annuity salespeople, and insurance agents all seem to know what's best for your money. The only way to defend this onslaught is through the power of education. Knowing the most common pitfalls of Medicare programs will let you learn from the mistakes of others, and utilizing our state of the art quoting system will allow you to impartially shop the market.

We begin every new client account with what we call “Medicare 101,” where we invest around 30 minutes giving our clients the simplest and most factually relevant explanation of the Medicare coverages and their shortfalls. At SBGRA, we pride ourselves on being our clients’ advocates- serving, educating and guiding you to the best possible retirement and future.

Our clients are over 22,000 of Michigan’s most Medicare savvy, attentive and experienced individuals, with a team of dedicated advocates in their corner.  Let us show you the SBGRA difference today.