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Tips to Save a Little Money at the Grocery Store

We all know there are some costs that just can’t be avoided- most of which are the costs of living. Grocery shopping is one of those costs that can be controlled and regulated. Here are some tips for keeping to a budget and saving a little green at the grocery store. 

Tip One: Always Make a List- and Stick to It! If you make a well-thought out and organized grocery list, it is much less likely that you will impulse buy and overspend. Stick to items that are multipurpose and stock up when items you use regularly when they go on sale. Going along with this is the idea to NEVER shop when you’re hungry! If you do you will be more likely to buy items you don’t need. Stick to your list and be diligent when comparing brands. Better brands, aren’t always a better buy!

Tip Two: Shop Seasonally. This tip goes mostly for produce. When produce is in season, it is significantly less expensive. Try to plan your meals around seasonal items and you will be more likely to save a buck. Not to mention, produce that is in season tastes better! It’s a win-win. 

Tip Three: Pick a Store That Offers Rewards. Local grocery stores that offer rewards programs can help you save money on items that normally don’t go on sale. Be choosy though- not every sale is really a bargain. But when a good sale arises, take advantage of it and stock up! Freezing produce and other items will help it last longer. 

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