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Potted Plant Gardens: Easier to Maintain, Yet Fruitful

I am a huge fan of a potted garden. Why? Well, because potted gardens offer all the same delicious benefits that a bedded garden does, but half of the work. If you love the taste of fresh picked fruits and veggies, and want to feel the success of growing food with your own two hands- then a potted garden is for you!

Here’s a few tips to get yours started today! Tis’ the season! :)

Tip # 1: Don’t be over ambitious! It’s often easy to become overwhelmed at the options when you’re shopping for garden goodies. I’d start as simple as possible with only 3-4 plants, and then add more next year if you are successful. I recommend planting cucumbers, tomatoes and basil, because they are easy to grow, create very fruitful harvests, and taste FABULOUS in the summer. A caprese salad straight from the garden could change your entire outlook on food! (*Garden Fresh Caprese Salad Recipe coming this week!)

Tip # 2: Babysit your plants. If you live somewhere where the weather isn’t always predictable like me (Michigander for life!), you need to keep a close eye on your plants during planting season. This is not to say you have to watch your seedlings all day, but that you’ll need to keep your eye on the weather. Bring your plants inside if the low temperature overnight drops below 40 degrees Fahrenheit. If it’s been raining a lot, make sure to take that into account when you water your plants. And always make sure you read the plants’ label so you know how much sun it likes, and position it accordingly. 

Tip # 3: Share your bounty. Now that you’ve planted a super great potted garden, you’re ready to start tasting the fruits of your labor- literally! And if you want to really make someone feel special, pick them a basket filled with your goodies and share the wealth! People love fresh veggies and fruits and they make nice gifts.

Well, that’s all I have for today. I’ll add potted gardening tips as mine continues to grow. Good luck and once again, happy Spring!

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