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Entertaining your Grandkids During a Michigan Autumn


Autumn is a beautiful time of year in Michigan- the weather is just right, football season and other fall fun begins, and best of all our entire state becomes a bowl of colorful confetti. It's a great time to get outside and partake in all that fall has to offer with your loved ones!

I have come up with some of the best ways to entertain your grandkids this fall in beautiful Michigan:

  • Take a walk in the woods. In Michigan, it isn't very hard to find a wooded area to walk in. The natural landscaping that occurs in autumn is captivating and relaxing. Take your grandkids down a winding, wooded path during a brillant fall day. Have the kids spend time gathering fallen leaves of all different shapes, sizes and colors to use for autumn art projects later on. 
  • Go to the apple orchard and pumpkin patch. There are orchards of all kinds throughout this wonderful state but in fall, the trees are adorned with apples of all different kinds and the ground is tangled with the vines of pumpkins. A trip to the orchard almost always includes a hayride, an apple and pumpkin picking experience, and of course fresh cider and donuts. It's a great place to make memories and is sure to entertain and appease your grandkids for a whole day!
  • Make fall art projects. After a long walk in the woods, have the kids use their stash of leaves to make anything they want. Construction paper, safety scissors and glue is all they'll need to make beautiful fall masterpieces! Encourgage even more creativity using glitter or fall stickers in addition to the colorful leaves. 
  • Bake or cook together! Fall is the perfect time to warm the house with the heat of the oven and bake something fragrant, seasonal and delicious! There are many ways to use the apples and pumpkins you picked at the orchard and it makes it even more special for children when they picked the ingredients themselves. Apple pies, turnovers, bread, muffins and even cupcakes will fill your home with the scent of apples and cinnamon (there's nothing more fall smelling than that!). Pumpkin can be used to make homemade pumpkin pie, toasted pumpkin seeds and of course a great decoration for your porch, yard and home.

There is much more to be done during a Michigan fall, but these are some of the must-dos of the season. Above all, enjoy spending precious moments with the ones you love- in any season!  

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