Why Choose Us?

Let’s face it, insurance is BIG business, and seniors have become an easy target for opportunistic companies across the country. Real solutions are rarely found in a high-pressure sales atmosphere, where lack of expertise can cause more damage than good.

This is what makes Senior Benefits Group Retirement Advisors different. Our staff has been extensively trained by veteran agents on the nuances and pitfalls of the Medicare business. We believe knowledge is power and we educate our clients about the products, carriers and available plans to find the one right for YOU. As an independent insurance company, we don’t have loyalty to any one product or carrier- we simply recommend the plan that makes the most sense for your needs and budget.

Our advisors serve by asking the question, “Would I write my own folks this plan?” If we wouldn’t recommend a specific plan for our own parents, we wouldn’t try to sell it to you. This is the standard by which our advisors are held accountable. The truth is, there is a big difference between searching for a commission and searching for a SOLUTION. At SBGRA, we seek your best possible solutions for retirement, Medicare and beyond.