If you are an insurance agent or financial advisor looking to get involved in the senior market, Senior Benefits Group may be a great place to call home.  Since 1997 we have been a key player in the Medicare sales market, offering Medicare solutions to the almost 10,000 people EACH day turning 65 and starting Medicare.

In addition, most of our advisors write Life Insurance, Long Term Care, Disability, and Fee-based investments.  As a “Non-Captive” firm, we are able to offer products from almost any Insurance Carrier or Financial Custodian we choose….so you’ll always be able to supply your client with the best.

Here’s why we are in the best market:

  • The “baby boomers” will continue to grow our consumer pool until 2028.
  • Health care changes have created the single biggest selling opportunity for experts in the last 50 years.
  • We focus on education and user-friendly technology, which allows us to better serve and connect to the senior market.

Why Senior Benefits Group?

We have a lasting impact in the state of Michigan as a result of our integrity, expertise and industry innovation. With over 30,000 clients and 40 agents statewide, our reach and opportunity is limitless. Agents and advisors at Senior Benefits Group are provided access to a fast track for success, along with cutting edge technologies and very specialized training.  

  • Pre-set appointment program…just show up and sell!
  • In home quoting and comparison software
  • Qualified cold-call sheets
  • Easy vesting and profit sharing plan for career agents

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