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5 Keys to Investing for Retirement

          Making decisions about your retirement account can seem overwhelming, especially if you feel unsure about your knowledge of investments. However, the following basic rules can help you make smarter choices regardless of whether you have some investing experience or are just getting...

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Crucial Insurance Information You Can't Afford Not to Know in 2014

1. The deadline for enrolling into health insurance under the Affordable Care Act or “Obamacare” is March 31st. That means if after that date you are not enrolled into a program, you will be responsible to pay a federal penalty. If you haven’t chosen anything or you’ve enrolled but haven’t paid a premium yet, there...

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8 Tips for Aging Well in Body, Mind and Soul

As we age, it becomes increasingly important to remain healthy in every aspect possible including body, mind and even soul. There are certain activities that encourage development and health of these parts of you. It is important to focus on both physical and mental health. Here are some tips for staying healthy as you age. 1. Stay connected with...

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