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Garden Fresh Caprese Salad

So now you have a supply of delicious garden goodies, but what to make? A great side, lunch or even light meal that utilizes primarily fresh-from-the-garden veggies is Caprese salad. It is a classic Italian dish, native to the island of Capri.  This dish doesn’t require specific measurements, if you’re making it for a group of...

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Potted Plant Gardens: Easier to Maintain, Yet Fruitful

I am a huge fan of a potted garden. Why? Well, because potted gardens offer all the same delicious benefits that a bedded garden does, but half of the work. If you love the taste of fresh picked fruits and veggies, and want to feel the success of growing food with your own two hands- then a potted garden is for you! Here’s a few tips to...

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Super Easy, Super Delicious Super Foods!

There are some foods that have been dubbed “super foods” for their undoubted benefits to the human body. Did you know that some of these super foods like blueberries, spinach and even dark chocolate can improve your body’s functioning. Spinach is great for healthy eyesight, blueberries have been proven to decrease the...

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